Thursday, September 29, 2011

Great Ride

Eric and I had another great motorbike ride! We trailered the bike to Monticello Utah and spent the night. The next morning we hopped on the bike and rode to Bluff Utah. Bluff is wear the pioneers of the "Hole in the rock" expedition ended their trek. I wanted to see it. I love pioneer history. We then rode to Four Corners, where Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado come together. I loved it. It was fun to stand in all four states. Never been to New Mexico so I thought it was fun. We hopped back on the bike and headed to Cortez and then to Telluride Colorado. It was a gorgeous ride. The colors were just starting to change. All the golden yellows with the dark green of the pines, it was really breath taking. Telluride is a little Ski resort nestled in the canyon of the San Juan Mountains. We stayed in a little bed and breakfast. Rode the tram to the top of the mountain which was free! We had to ride it again after it turned dark. What an amazing view with all the lights of the little city.

We woke up early the next morning to a great breakfast of omelets and yogurt. We then started our ride about 9:00 that morning. The air was crisp but not overly cold. The sky was so blue with no clouds. We started our trip on the "Million Dollar Highway" We climbed 11000 ft to the top. I thought yesterday was breathtaking, today was so much better! I could not believe the beauty that I was seeing. We ended up in Silverton Colorado, a little mining town with great old west hospitality. We finished the ride through Durango, Dolores, and back to Monticello. We ended the day with a session at the Monticello Temple. The temple was the 1st small temple that President Hinkley started. They said it was his baby and he came and attended a session often to check on his baby. It was a great place to thank my Heavenly Father for a safe ride and a thankful heart for the opportunity to see the great beauty our Heavenly Father created. I also thanked him for a great man to spend my time with. Eric and I had so much fun together. I love trips like this! So grateful we took the time to go and enjoy our time together! All together we rode 451 miles.


David O McKay Quilt

Had nothing to do with Bluff. The family just wanted to display it.

Jens and Elsie Nielson graves.

They were in the Martin & Willie handcart Co.

They were asked to go with the Hole in the rock expedition. They are my hero's.

Four Corners

Telluride Colorado

Silverton Colorado

Monticello Temple

What a great way to end our ride!

We did dress up to go in :o)


Kim and Sean said...

That does look like a lot of fun! The pictures turned out great. I am glad that you and dad take the time to do things like this. Thanks for sharing! Like the update!!

Linda said...

What a fun trip!! I'm glad you and your husband could take this little getaway and see such neat places!

Stephanie said...

What a way to spend some beautiful fall time together. That sounds like the best kind of trip. Love the update and the new photo. You have cutie pie grandkids!